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"TASH OIL" Aluminium Rolling Oils are produced from hydro finished middle distillate. It provides good cooling land lubrication during metal reductin operation with low evaporation loss it is highly refined distillate having low Sulphur and low aromatics resulting in excellent non-staining characteristics and is highly compatible with fats and alcohol for load bearing characteristics.

• Advantages:

  • Low viscosity ensures washing of Aluminium chips
  • Nil Sulphur
  • Low Acidity
  • Resist to Brown staining on metal during avealing
  • Low evaporation loss because of compact boiling range
  • Compatible with load bearing additives like fats and alcohols
  • Non-irritant
Alluminum Rolling Oils

• Application:

Being a specialised product it is used as roll coolant and lubrication for Aluminium during reduction (Rolling) operation. It is normally componded with anti-oxidant and also with fats and alcohol at users end for attaining load bearing characteristics. Its application is in Aluminium Rolling Mills.

  • ROLEX - 55 is mainly used in foil to foil reduction.
  • ROLEX - 55(S) is mainly used in foil to foil reduction.
  • ROLEX - 56(S) is mainly used in foil to foil reduction.
  • ROLEX - 56(AR) is mainly used in foil to foil reduction.
  • ROLEX - 57 is recommended for coil / sheet to sheet reduction.
  • ROLEX - 56(ARM) is mainly used in foil to foil reduction / sheet to sheet reduction.


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