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TASHOIL’ SILICONE GREASE - 84, is silicone grease designed for use in ball bearings operating under light to moderate loads and for lubricating plastic part. It is made from a stable silicone Oil thickened with a lithium soap, and is serviceable at temperature from 40 °C to 400 °C.

‘TASHOIL’ SILICONE GREASE - 84, is an extremely stable and inert silicone lubricant available in light and medium consistencies. Is shows little change in consistency throughout its entire operating range. It is highly resistant to oxidation, moisture and corrosive atmosphere and equally resistant to breakdown due to shear. It does not attack plastics.

Silicone Grease

• Application

The most common use of ‘TASHOIL’ SILICONE GREASE - 84 is to lubricate ball bearings and roller bearings used in kiln preheater fans, oven fans, radiater cooling fans, textiles stashers and driers, conveyor systems and timer motor bearings.

‘TASHOIL’ SILICONE GREASE - 84 is also used in the lubricating medium in cartridge type sealed bearings. Sealed bearings pre-lubricating with ‘TASHOIL’ SILICONE GREASE - 84 given permanent lubrications for motor in such units as refrigerators, washing machines, electric razors and oil burners. In high temperature ball bearings it has eight to ten times the service life of organic greases.

‘TASHOIL’ SILICONE GREASE - 84 is used to lubricate plastic gears, bearings and cams in wide range of equipment.

• Solubility

TASHOIL SILICONE GREASE - 84 in dispersible in chlorinated, aromatic and other solvents. It is insoluble in water.


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