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TASHCUT S40 commonly knows as soluble cutting oil is light viscosity super refined oil with pleasant odor, soluble in water. It is an excellent medium as a coolant & lubricant while metal cutting, used as an emulsion with water.

  • TASHCUT S 40
  • TASHCUT S 60
  • TASHCUT 70

• Special Characteristics

TASHCUT - S40 provides good & stable emulsion characteristics even in hard water, rust protections and anti-Bacterial properties.

• Application

Engineering Industries: "TASHCUT S40" commonly known as soluble cutting oil is used as an emulsion with water while cutting metal as coolant & lubricant having continuous throw at juncture of cutting tool tip & the metal being cut, gives precise finish to the surface & elongates tool life.

Water Soluble Cutting Oil


TASHCUT 70 is synthetic concentrate fluid. It is fortified with special corrosion preventive additive. This is to be mixed with water in suitable proportion. The solution provides economical, rust preventive coolant - of exceptionally superior properties for GRINDING or for high speed machining. This fluid is resistant to bacterial attack providing long sump life of the charge; and protection to machined parts. Dilution ration with water is (2-4%) depending on the type of machining and final finish - E.P. value (Shell 4 Ball) is 320 kg. (OK Load)

TASHCUT SEP66 - Rolling Oil for Aluminium

TASHCUT SEP is a heavy duty type soluble cutting oil containing extreme pressure additives & with rust preventives, recommended for use with high speed steel tools in practically all the major cutting processes of most metal including alloy


Translucent light Brown Emulsion with properties with bio-stable Emulsion recommended for cold rolling of the steel.


Always add oil to water and agitate, ensure that containers used for mixing are clean and do not use galvanized containers. Do not mix the machine sump. A good mixing can give longer coolant life. Clean operational machine thoroughly. Before cleaning, flush & remove solid debris.


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